Hello! I am the face behind Kelly C Creates. 

You may be asking  “What is it that you create?” 

There are many ways to create these days, my favorite being writing. In fact I have been writing ever since I was a little girl. Looking back I have realized it’s been the one constant in my life. 

Where It All Began

It all started with writing poems and songs, up until middle school. I had the dream that many young girls had, I wanted to be a pop star. While that dream was short-lived, it introduced me to my love of writing. 

A big moment in my writing journey came when I was 13, although I didn’t realize the significance until later in college, when I wrote a pitch to my parents explaining why I needed a cellphone. It may not seem like a significant memory, but it was for my writing journey. Then when I discovered blogging I found my place in the writing world.

What I’m Doing Today

As I am actively seeking out career opportunities, I am using this time to blog, freelance, and improve my skills. As you can see I’m not only passionate about writing, but also learning and growing in my field. When I combine that with my passion for mental health and helping people, magic happens. That is where the vision of Kelly C Creates is going and I hope you’ll join me. 

Where You Can Find Me